Sculpt Lifestyle is a Health, Wellness, and Human Performance Consulting company

Our passion is helping individuals and organizations achieve ambitious goals by offering unique, individualized, services and solutions that are unavailable anywhere else in the province.

At the heart of our philosophy we are Shaped by Science. We take pride in bringing the most innovative science into your life to achieve your goals.

Understanding and influencing the limits of human performance is an important part of our service delivery, but equally important to us, is recognizing the human behind the performance. Maximizing health, wellness, and enjoyment of training while accounting for time restraints and barriers from both personal and professional lives, enables us to Sculpt your personal excellence!

Daryl M.G. Hurrie,

PhD (c), MSc Ex Phys. BESS, CSEP-CEP

Renown Sport Scientist / Developer of  Olympians 


For the last decade Daryl Hurrie has helped engineer some of the World’s most awe inspiring performances right here in PEG city! Coupled with a deep passion for helping his clients/ athletes succeed, his curious disposition, attention to detail, and innovative ideas, have made him a highly sought out resource for high performance individuals and organizations. He has amassed a vast and diverse client portfolio during his 12 year career, which includes professional clients like the Winnipeg Jets, numerous National Sports Organizations, and hundreds of athletes who wear the Maple Leaf on their backs. Daryl’s work was most recently showcased in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, having helped develop a handful of athletes from Road Cycling, Triathlon, Paratriathlon, Swimming, Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. Sculpt Lifestyle is his effort to share his passion for applied Sport Science with his community, accomplishing goals and living their dreams!

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“He helped me identify and target my weaknesses, turning these weaknesses into strengths over time” Find Leah at the links below!                                  … Read More

Leah Kirchmann -Olympic Road Cyclist-

“A very important part of our program. He set high standards in the weight room and pushed the girls to their limits. With his knowledge and philosophy he brought a lot to our program.”

Arnd Ludwig – Team Canada Sr. Women’s Volleyball Coach

“I still attribute my success to Daryl’s abilities as both a “science type” and as a motivational person”

Kevin Kowalyk – Olympic Rower