Beta Program



What is the BETA Program?

At Sculpt Lifestyle we put a premium on science and innovation! We will continue to bring the most cutting edge technology and training services to the community, and we want YOU to be a part of it.  The BETA program provides members unique, time limited opportunities and access to the most innovative testing, technology and programming prior to market release, and all at a discounted price! BETA projects allow Sculpt Lifestyle to continue to push the “envelope” with our applied research and develop new innovations for how we exercise. We become “Shaped by Science”! 

Who is BETA worthy?

Are you an early adopter? Do you think outside the box? Do you travel your own path? Do you train regularly? Do you want access to new testing and training paradigms before your competition gets them? If YES, then Sculpt Lifestyle’s BETA Program is for you!

“Get access to the secret weapon of Olympic and Pro athletes before your competitors!”

Here’s How it Works

By enrolling in the BETA program, you will be eligible to participate and be the first to receive information about each BETA project. Each BETA project will be different and have a specific focus, for example, to investigate the reliability of a new piece of equipment, to establish normative data or to test a new training method. The possibilities are limitless!

Enrollment in the program is FREE, and there is no commitment to participate in a project if it does not suit you. Participation in a selected project will have a discounted fee. Once these projects are complete, and the services leave BETA and enter Sculpt Lifestyle’s mainstream menu, fees will no longer be discounted.

Enroll in the BETA program by going to our CONTACT page  or email us at

  1. Provide us with your Name,  Sport of Interest, and preferred Email and we will notify you with an information package when a new BETA project becomes “Active”!
  2. Upon receiving the information package, see if you are eligible to participate in the BETA project.
  3. Quickly respond to reserve your spot. BETA projects will have either limited participant numbers or time restrictions.
  4. In all cases, it will involve exercise, learning, and fun!


Running Economy – BETA  (Closed- Thanks to all who participated!)


A key factor that separates the best runners from their less successful counterparts is a superior running economy. Running economy is the oxygen cost for running at a given pace. Curious to know how you stack up? Enroll in the BETA Program NOW!

Cycling VO2Max Reliability – BETA (Closed- Thanks to all who participated!)

Cyclist Moving Fast On Coastal Path

The size of your engine dictates how many WATTS you can push.  Your VO2 max is the maximal amount of oxygen your body can use to produce work. We would like to get a sense of how reliable local cyclists are at achieving a VO2 max effort, and how reliable our state of the art VO2 mask is at capturing this performance. How big is your ENGINE? Enroll in the BETA Program NOW!