Sport Science & Consulting

“that which you measure changes”

Whether it be financial, your waistline, or performance, putting in an accountability framework is a method that enables us all to reach our goals.  Years of research and experience with Canada’s best athletes, coaches, and exercise enthusiasts has allowed us to develop our unique individualized assessments. Let us help you anchor YOUR training to YOUR unique physiology!

We pride ourselves on the validity and reliability of our assessments and continue to do applied research to develop innovative assessment and training protocols through our BETA program.  This means that if we say you have improved, you can rest easy that you are on the right track.

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Physiological Assessment

VO2max & Anaerobic Threshold – Bike or Run


The only assessment protocol of its kind in the province! We assess both aerobic fitness  (VO2max) and anaerobic threshold (FTP) with razor-sharp precision and repeatability. We use the most sophisticated and accurate techniques for looking at the response of your heart (wireless heart rate strap), lungs (wireless metabolic mask), and muscles (non-invasive muscle oxygen sampling via Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) during exercise on our industry-leading ergometers. Use these values to create race plans, training strategies, and benchmark your journey to excellence.

Metabolic Running Economy 


Did you know that the shoes you wear, the strength program that you do, and even your running technique, all affect the amount of oxygen you use to run at a particular pace. Let us help you measure and optimize your running economy so that you can use science to chase down your goals.

Combine your assessments for improved rates

Triathlon Combo Packages-$498 (save $50)  Cycle & Run Assessments

Triathlon Kona Package – $697 (Save $100) Cycling + Run + Economy

Tandem Packages – less 10% – Have a training partner? Book back-to-back assessments to receive tandem rate.

Loyalty Bonus-  less 5% – Schedule a second appointment within 6 months and receive our loyalty rate.

Performance Consulting

Performance consultation 

Credibility. Honesty. Innovation. Use the performance consulting services that professional athletes, sports organizations, and industry leaders are using to optimize exercise and lifestyle performance.  Come with questions, leave with answers and strategies you can count on. Contact for details – project or hourly

Power Based Course Simulation

Don’t let race day be the first time you experience the intricacies of your course. The secret weapon of Olympians & Professionals is simulating race day long before it happens. Build race strategies and execute them with confidence ensuring your pacing efforts are dialed in, and that your finishing times are scientifically supported. Contact for details

Unique Interventions

Heat Acclimation

running in heat

Racing somewhere hot? Allow us to customize a heat mitigation strategy that may include heat acclimation protocols prior to departure or after arriving. You have worked hard for your opportunity, don’t let our climate sabotage your efforts. Contact for details

Nutrigenomics – DNA gene assessment for optimal nutrition 


Have a saliva sample analyzed for 42 genes scientifically proven to be associated with performance and health. Optimize your fuelling & recovery with a 45-minute consultation to go over the results!

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