Sport Science

“applied sport science is the art and science of translating research into real world situations for clients”

For the last decade Daryl Hurrie has built some of the best Human Engines in the World right in your backyard! Specializing in high octane metabolic sports, a testament to Daryl’s work was seen most recently in the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, with several athletes wearing the maple leaf from Road Cycling, Triathlon and Swimming. Sculpt Lifestyles Sport Science  programs are scientific programs used by top athletes in the world to accomplish their goals and live their dreams.

Scientifically Enhanced Training

These personal training solutions are like nothing you have experienced before. Thousands of hours of research and experience working with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world have shaped the philosophy of these training programs. As you evolve, so do the programs, ensuring you progress every day, onwards, always!

Science of Cycling 


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Science of Running

Urban running

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Unique Assessments & Interventions

These services are provided a-la-carte and are designed to allow any client to create their own framework of accountability, and ensure they are on the right path to personal excellence!


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