Cycling Services

“Bloodless” Lactate Threshold (FTP) Assessment – [$299+GST]  

We are the first in the province to use cutting edge “bloodless lactate assessment”  to analyze your threshold. We use a non invasive Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) sensor placed on your muscle to identify when oxygen delivery becomes a limiting factor for muscle functionality. This variable is not only the most important descriptor of your fitness, but also one of the most useful variables used to derive zones for training programs. This unique assessment relies on sub maximal physiological markers of your individual threshold. It is less strenuous than a maximal performance based test, and can be incorporated into your training program with less disturbance ( and need to taper) than conventional tests for establishing threshold.

Performance Based – Time Trial Based Threshold (FTP) Assessment [$199+GST]

These effort based assessments require you to give a maximal effort for a given duration. They allow us to benchmark your fitness, allowing you to define thresholds and optimize your training. We have validated protocols for both beginners and advanced cyclists.  With our standardized warm-ups, and controlled environment, these types of tests remain the criterion for establishing thresholds and anchoring your training. They are an endpoint measure, but a very important endpoint measure!

Combo Package (Bloodless Lactate & Time Trial Assessments) [$449+GST]

The combo testing barrage spread over 2 days allows for intimate understanding of both your physiological and psychological limitations. By comparing your physiologically predicted threshold (NIRS) with your time trial performance we are able to differentially diagnose where your performance limitation resides. By having both sets of data we are also able to establish your threshold more precisely. This is an excellent option for those serious about training. This is also the assessment of choice to start of the training season right, or capture your personal best prior to going into a major competition.

Course simulations [$99+GST for 1st Hr & course setup, $60/Hr thereafter]

Do you have a big race coming up? Would you like to ride a segment of the course to prepare both mentally and physically for the task at hand? If the course can be mapped in Google, we can simulate the required intensities of your ride!

Vo2 Max Testing

Coming soon!