Running Services

“Bloodless” Lactate Threshold (FTP) Assessment [$249+GST]


We are the first in the province to use cutting edge “bloodless lactate” assessments to analyze your threshold. We use a non invasive Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) sensors placed on your muscle to identify when oxygen becomes a limiting factor for muscle functionality. This variable is not only the most important descriptor of your fitness, it is one of the most useful variables used to derive zones for training programs. This assessment is less strenuous than a standard maximal performance test, and can be incorporated into your training program with less disturbance (tapering or recovery) than conventional (maximal) tests. If you want to double check your marathon pace, or define training zones to improve your performance this is the assessment for you.

Running With Power

The future of running science will be running with “power”. Similar to how this metric revolutionized the world of cycling, once the “bugs” in power based run prescription are sorted out this will be a potent way of individualizing and customizing your training.

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3D Running Economy Assessment 

Feel free to inquire about this amazing service that will allow us to capture your running efficiency and help you become faster.

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