Science of Cycling

Exceptional Skills. Exceptional Results.

Not everyone can be an Olympic Athlete, but everyone can now train with the same level of science and excellence. The Science of Cycling is a focused training program that has been made possible through the partnership with the great folks at PURE Lifestyle, and is specifically designed to help motivated clients push the ceiling of their performances on 2-wheels. At Sculpt Lifestyle we try to not sensationalize our work. However, we can say that the service we provide is unlike any other. Each person is unique, and therefore, so will be each experience. Below you will find details surrounding levels of customization for your own experience! Whether your ambition is to Mountain Bike the Base Camp of Everest, Cycle a Grand Fondo, or reach an International podium, we will develop plans to achieve your goals and be there with you every every pedal stroke of the way!

Sculpt Pricing – The Science of Cycling


Explanation of Training Experiences

Custom Periodization

Reaching your goals depends on clearly knowing what they are, and then having an excellent plan in place. This comes in the form of an Annual Training Plan (ATP) developed in the first few weeks of the program and outlines how training and life can be optimally integrated to minimize barriers. By acknowledging and incorporating significant family, work and training events, clients are empowered to enjoy the time they spend training.

File Analysis

Getting better requires critically reflecting on your training. What went well? What went poorly? What can be learned? Consistent application of these principles, and incorporation of small adjustments to training where appropriate allows individuals to train harder and smarter. 

Scientific Contact / Accessibility

Questions or thoughts about the science or your sport? Have some ideas you would like to incorporate or test within your training? This is the perfect forum for that. One on One, you and your sport scientist will discuss what matters most to you and your training.

Training Modifications and Responsiveness

Family, Work, Weather. Things happen. Distractions are inevitable. If you run into these threats to your program don’t let them derail you. I’ll help you solve the rubix cube that is integrating training  while having family, kids, etc. and together we can ensure your optimizing your time and minimizing your challenges. Remember, your doing this because your enjoy it!


“That which you measure, changes”. Our sport scientist creates a framework of accountability not only for yourself but for our programming. If you are not responding to the training, we will catch it and adjust it accordingly. Similarly, if you are not executing the workouts as planned, we will also catch that.

In “The Lab” assessment

Periodically throughout the program, we will build in sub-maximal or maximal assessments to both prescribe and describe your physiological response to work. After your initial assessment to anchor your programming, follow ups will be conducted “on your own” or in “The Lab”. In the “Podium Experience”, the added benefit of the watchful eye of our sport scientist  will be persistently assessing ways in which you can take your performance once step further. It’s not only about getting the work done, but also how you DO the work which differentiates truly exceptional athletes from those who are good. 

Interval Modelling

If you’ve ever tried to sharpen your anaerobic power or capacity but got lost in the abyss of how hard is hard enough? or how many intervals should / can I do at these intensities?,  then interval modelling is the way to go. If you haven’t heard of the concept of W’ (stands for W prime). For a quick video on this concept click the tab below to view a 6 minute video  from the brain child of W’ Dr. Philip Skiba.

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Body Composition Analysis

Your body is your vehicle to perform, and have fun. As part of your programming, we offer a comprehensive series of measurements that allow us to look at both muscularity and well….. less than muscular components, to make sure we work towards developing a body that feels awesome and performs just as well.


We incorporate a DNA test of 42 genes to expedite our understanding of your response to food and supplementation strategies. Nutrigenomics is a Canadian based,  direct to consumer DNA testing kit that allows for intimate understanding of what you need fuel to fuel your high performance health!

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