• Blood, Grit, Glory & High Five’s – secret weapons of an Olympic rower

    “Training under Daryl I felt like he optimized the gains of mental and physical strengthening – and was my “secret weapon” every time I returned to the national camp.” Kevin Kowalyk – Olympic Rower I have worked with… Read More

  • Most Iconic Ultra. 100 miles. 22h44m20s. 11th place. Enough Said. #Grit.

    “I spent fewer hours on strength training than I had while training alone, and yet I made the biggest gains to date because every exercise he assigned was sport-specific and had maximum impact” Mallory Richards – Elite Ultramarathoner… Read More

  • Keeping the Paralympic dream alive.

    “he got me excited about challenging my goals, focusing on the process rather than the outcome”  Chantal Givens – Paralympic Triathlete If it were not for Daryl, becoming a Paralympian would have been a dream unfulfilled. He was… Read More

  • Unlocking Potential. Achieving Dreams

    “I’ve learned an invaluable amount from working with Daryl…… These lessons ultimately helped unlock my physiological potential to achieve my dream of representing Canada at the Rio Olympics” Leah Kirchmann – Olympic Road Cyclists Daryl helped me develop… Read More

  • Growing great. Together!

    “I’ve seen the best in the world train, and I’ve had an inside view of how other programs operate, but Daryl is truly one in a million “ Sarah-Anne Brault – Olympic Triathlete Daryl’s  biggest strength is that… Read More